June 20th: Three more moose

Riding on my bike today, I came across three more moose: a momma moose, and her two babies. They were just hanging out by the side of the road, not doing much of anything. The mom was very large -- as big as a horse, maybe bigger -- and the babies were smaller, very cute, and very curious. Just like Squirrel said, momma kept an eye on me the whole time, and came towards me any time she thought I got too close.

I took Squirrel's advice, and moved back away from them until momma moose went back to eating. When it seemed safe, I reached into my backpack for my camera -- and then realized I had forgotten it! Rule #1 in Alaska is "Always take your camera, because you never know what you'll see", but I forgot mine today!

When I got back to the cabin I told Squirrel about how big the momma moose was, and he said, "If you think she was large, wait until you see the boy moose. They are enormous."

"Cool", I thought, vowing never to forget my camera again.