June 12th: The mail

"Squirrel", I said, while we were sitting on the front porch, "what time does the mailman usually come by?"

"What's a mail man?", Squirrel asked.

"You know, the man or woman who walks around, and delivers the mail to each house. They also pick up the mail, and I have some letters that I'd like to mail out to my friends and family."

"Oh, you mean the post office. You've seen it on your walks, right? It's the big log cabin on the left side of the road. You just take your mail there, and you pick it up from there, too. You probably have what they call a 'post office box' there. That's where they keep your mail until you pick it up."

"You mean there isn't a mailman that walks around and delivers and picks up the mail?", I asked.

"No", Squirrel said, "Why would someone do that?"

As I thought about it, I realized the post office was just about five minutes away, and there wasn't any real need for someone to deliver the mail. "Want another peanut?", I asked.

"Sure, thanks Al", Squirrel said, and we continued to look around at the forest.